Hello there,

I’ve got some trouble with the update_parameters_with_adam()-implementation.

The AssertionError is “Wrong values. Check you formulas for parameters[‘W1’]”.

Here is my implementation:

parameters[‘W’ + str(l)] = parameters[‘W’ + str(l)] - learning_rate * v_corrected[‘dW’ + str(l)] / (np.square(s_corrected[‘dW’ + str(l)]) + epsilon)
parameters[‘b’ + str(l)] = parameters[‘b’ + str(l)] - learning_rate * v_corrected[‘db’ + str(l)] / (np.square(s_corrected[‘db’ + str(l)]) + epsilon)

Got a hint for me what is wrong?


… Rubberducking works every damn time. :slight_smile:

I checked out my implementation of my square-root, and found the problem to be there. :slight_smile:

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Hello there
I used np.sqrt but still giving the error “Wrong values. Check your formulas for parameters[‘W1’]”.

found my error…it was the epsilon

Be sure that you don’t include the epsilon in the square root. That was my mistake.

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