US College Admissions - intakes from US public vs private schools - AI for the public good

The top US colleges admit approximately 35% of their students from private schools, whereas the intake is approximately 40% from public high schools. BUT only about 10% of US high schoolers attend private schools.

As a parent of high achieving public school kids I have a vested interest in this one. At the same time it also relates to socio-economcis and diversity and the public good.

I am exploring an AI/LLM based tool or solution in this space. My product or Ask is not fully defined as yet. Am I trying to change the status quo? Am I trying to create something that might help all students, public and private high schoolers, fine tune selections and find good matches?

  1. It would be very helpful if the community can point me to good data sources, e.g. I cannot obtain the profiles of all public vs private school candidates who applied to lets say Brown University (my alma mater) since those are private. How then might I demonstrate that deserving public school candidates are getting the short end of the stick? What public data sources can help?

  2. If you have other ideas for what this product can do, please share as well!

Have you seen ?

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