Using delimiters

Can someone once please tell that while writing prompts in chatgpt, if suppose we have a long text from a particular source and we want the model to summarise it, then in this case how can we manually use delimiters?

And also, like one of the main purpose of using delimiters in prompts is to avoid prompt injections na, so if we have a simple text with all things in continuity, so then why to use delimiters in this case ?
Actually i have used a simple text with or without delimiters in chatgpt and asked it to summarise it, but in output it doesn’t make any difference.

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And can someone pls tell that if we write prompt in chatgpt with delimiter, why chatgpt gives such output?

The main purpose of delimiters is to organize your content when you are using the gpt API in a developer environment (otherwise, it would be an extremely long line of code!). It’s not as necessary to use in chatgpt itself, although you can certainly specify chatgpt to use delimiters in its output.

Also, it seems that when you request chatgpt to use triple backticks as delimiters, it will automatically treat it as a “code”-style output, which is why you get that formatting. I think this is because triple backticks and related delimiters are usually used in a programming context, so chatgpt will treat it as such. Hope that helps!