UX project and understanding of AI

Would I be able to improve my understanding of AI and come up with ideas for my UX projects after finishing this course?

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@Kamalaa_sri Welcome to the DeepLearning.AI community.

Yes, this course will help improve your understanding of AI and give you ideas on how you could apply AI to improve the user experience in your projects. I encourage you to share specific issues/optimization opportunities or pain points in your project(s) to better understand how/if AI can be used for those.

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Hello @Kamalaa_sri ,

Welcome to the community!

Like @vignesh18 has said, yes, this course will definitely help improve your understanding of AI. It’ll help you understand, what is possible and impossible to achieve with AI, and how far it’s progressed over the years.
This in turn can help you think of ways you could use AI to either optimize your workflows or even contribute to the designs and experiences that you want to create.

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