Value Error, validation_generator

I am encountering this issue and couldn’t find a way to reslove it.

I have tried using the sparse_catergorical_crosssentropy as well but the error message just changes to something else as shown below

Hey lkxv999!

Firstly: Welcome to the Discourse! Happy to have you around!

Secondly: The error you’re seeing is because there is no metric loss in metrics!

You can check out this page to see more about what metrics model.compile(metrics=) might expect, but I might try something like accuracy here.

I am getting the same error in

Hey Shahid!

Did you want to send me your notebook’s output so I can take a look at this?

Hey Shahid,

I’d get you to look at the data coming into your model - which is in the format (XXXX, 28, 28, 1), so you’ll want to make sure that your input layer expects data of that shape!

Right now your input layer is expecting a shape (150, 150, 3), as a hint!