Vectorizing Logistic Regression's Gradient Output - vectorizing dw

In the video “Vectorizing Logistic Regression’s Gradient Output”, I didn’t understand the explanation of the vectorization of dw:
Screenshot 2023-06-25 15.51.25
I understand why the resulting vector is n x 1, but it seems to be equal to:
[ x_11 * dz_1 + x_12 * dz_2 + … + x_1m * dz_m

x_n1 * dz_1 + x_n2 * dz_2 + … + x_nm * dz_m]
which is not equal to multiplying vectors x_1 with dz_1, x_2 with dz_2, … x_m with dz_m.
Can you please explain?

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He’s just writing out the effect of that dot product in the first line. Remember that the dimension of dZ is 1 x m and each of the vectors x^{(i)} is an n x 1 vector and there are m of them, so each element of that sum on the last line is an n x 1 vector multiplied by a scalar and then you add them up and it results in an n x 1 vector. n x m dotted with m x 1 gives you an n x 1 result, of course.