Very first time in Python

Can I learn Machine Learning and AI with python only?

Hi mdrahman,

Of course, Python is the language of choice in most machine learning applications these days.

Trust me, it is the simplest language you have ever seen. Once you learn it, you will never stop using it because it is very close to English.

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If you are beginner, learning Machine Learning with Python would be the best choice.For now just focus on Python.

When you get a good grip in Python, slowly then you can learn R Programming, Scala, etc coding languages.

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Nilosree Sengupta

hi @nilosreesengupta ,

I am a beginner and understand some basics of python and i started the Machine learning specialization and i cant understand Optional lab: Model representation I don’t have understandings of numpy or matplotlib and did not understand how the code is progressing, should i continue with the course, Can you suggest what i should do?

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Hello @Prayas_Bhende ,

Gaining knowledge is a process.

One needs to go step by step otherwise like this only you won’t be able to understand the working of codes.Knowing the basics is very important.The concepts of numpy pandas matplotlib scipy and so on would be basics of python too.

Since you have already paid for it, don’t give up.Don’t discontinue fully.
Put it on hold for a week.Take a break to learn the basics.You can learn from the documentations of numpy, scipy, matplotlib and other libraries directly.
Take up any basic course of python.(But check in description of the course that it must contain details about these libraries and all these.)
There are many resources over internet both free and paid.You can go ahead with any.

You will be able to learn them very fast.Don’t worry, Python is very very easy.

After learning these, then again continue with your Machine Learning specialisation.

And even after learning these basics, you will get stuck to interpret/understand particular codes or get errors in coding.In initial days you may see too many errors while coding.Don’t get nervous/panic.
This happens with every beginner.Then you must google those particular functions or particular line of code or the displayed error message.You will have to get references from websites like stackoverflow and relate them to your code to clear errors on your own.

Always try to fix the coding errors on your own with help of references in stackoverflow, etc. It’s the best practice!

Nevertheless, despite trying several times, if you still can’t understand particular part or stuck with errors, Deeplearing.Ai mentors are there who are always there to help you.Feel free to post your issues in Community, then MLS mentors will help you surely.

Hope this helps.

With regards,
Nilosree Sengupta

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