Video with data transformation to gaussian distribution


I have watched a video from Andrew NG showing some examples of data transformation to fit a gaussian distribution, but for the life of me cannot find it anymore.
Could someone maybe point to it?
I’m not sure it was in the deep learning specialization however.

One place where Gaussian Distributions are relevant is Anomaly Detection. Maybe it’s one of the lectures in this series on YouTube that you are remembering?

Hi Paul,

Yes, I expected to find it in the anomaly detection courses or more broadly unsupervised learning, but haven’t found it there.
It is on coursera, and not in the machine learning specialisation (I completed that course a few months ago, and the lecture I saw was quite recent)

Maybe it’s in the new Mathematics for Machine Learning specialization (M4ML). I have not looked at the material for that one yet, but they do show Gaussian Distributions in their syllabus. Although I believe Prof Ng is not the instructor in those courses.

It was definitely a lecture from Prof Ng.
No worries, I’m sure I will stumble upon it eventually.
Thanks for looking into it.