🔮 Visualising RAGs with RAGxplorer (Inspired by Advanced Retrieval course)

Inspired by the Advanced Retrieval course, I built RAGxplorer.

It is an open-source tool to visualise RAG documents in the reduced embedding space.

It comes with a very simple and familiar API.

from ragxplorer import RAGxplorer
client = RAGxplorer(embedding_model="thenlper/gte-large")
client.load_pdf("presentation.pdf", verbose=True)
client.visualize_query("What are the top revenue drivers for Microsoft?")

I extended the code from the lab to include an interactive chart and to support any OpenAI and HuggingFace Inference Endpoint embedding models.

Any feedback would be most appreciated.


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This is super cool; congratulations on your great work. Why does it appear that the retrieved chunks are not close to the original query or to the sub questions? Shouldn’t they be? Please help me understand

Maybe it is because the projection we are viewing is not the ideal projection (i.e. the two dimensions that are plotted here)? Maybe there is another projection that shows they are infact closer?

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Hello! Great question :slight_smile:

To clarify, the actual retrieval (i.e. calculating the cosine similarity) is done in the full dimensional space.

The dimensionality reduction algorithms like umap may result in some information loss, so a point that is nearest in the full dimensional space may not be the nearest point in the 2D space.

There are also hyperparameters to the dimensionality reduction algorithm that can be explored

Lastly, there was an related bug in the code, but that was spotted in a PR and fixed :slight_smile:


Gotcha. Thanks for the explanation. By the way what are your thoughts on Langchain? Are there similar libraries you would recommend for developing on top of LLMs? curious for your perspective on this

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