W1 A3 Exercise 3 : "gradient_check_n_test: is not defined" error by grader

Although I got “All tests passed” and the expected values are correct, the grader seems not to be able to run the code properly and I got “gradient_check_n_test: is not defined” at grading and a 80/100! Anyone faced the same issue?

Hey @zhaleh, could you share your entire grader output ? In the screenshot above, the left side of the message is telling useful information, without looking at which I am not able to help much here.


Hi, thanks for your reply. The grader output was embedded in the page. So the attached two screenshots should cover the full output.


I was able to reproduce this error. Updating the notebook to the latest version should fix it. Could you confirm it, @zhaleh? Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:


Yes it works fine now! Thanks :slight_smile: