W1_C8: Helps with Rogue score

I have implemented the Blue score correctly from the unit test, I believe I have also implemented correctly the Rogue score based on the test

rouge1_similarity([1, 2, 3], [1, 2, 3, 4]).

I have already printed the uni-gram definitions and have followed them to the teeth, however, the unit test seems to believe that the Rogue score is wrong, which affects the subsequence score.

Here are the results of the unit tests

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @R_Wang,

After taking a look at your notebook, there are quite a few things wrong in there.

Firstly, your Ex 6 is entirely incorrect. And please, don’t comment out the variables which you are supposed to initialise and change the return types of the function (all things you have done) in Ex 6. Please go through the instructions for it again and try to re-attempt it.

Secondly, you haven’t even attempted completing Ex 7 then how can you expect Ex 8 to work ? Please complete Ex 7 first.