one thing I couldn’t understand about these two questions is that:

their dataset is structured, agree, but just because they are showing as an array shouldn’t be the reason that they are structured.

The specific representation of the data may depend on the architecture of the model and the type of problem being addressed.

also, for example, Images can be represented as arrays of pixel values, however, it doesn’t make it structural, does it?

could you please clarify this?

thank you very much for your time

Hi @reza-sajadi,

My advice before attempting any of the quizzes is to not think too much. The questions are staright forward and contain the information you need or think about. If you start thinking complexly, then you’ll be going down a rabbit hole.

The way to think about structured and unstructured data is: can you put the information in a table, can you visualise having such information in a table ?

Yes, you can have things like height, weight, colour, zip codes in a table, so all of that would be structured data.

Audio clips, images, large amount of texts, you can’t have them in a table, right ? So they would be unstructured data Again, the point is to not think about things too complexly.

Hope this helps,

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Hello Reza Sazadi,

You are totally correct and Mubsi too is probably right from his end.

But to answer your query, I would say that yes specific models set specific requirements to train and learn parameters.

But here, you have to understand that set questions in the quiz section have been designed after having this understanding that the learners could visualize the model problems and their complexities under their own power after visiting the whole video lessons and resources.

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Hello all

now I think I got the main point, thanks a lot for your replay and time