W1A3 :djmodel AssertionError

Hi. Is the first time i post. When i run comparator in cell [10] i get this error :
AssertionError: Error in test. The lists contain a different number of elements.
Im’ not figure out what is wrong. Please I need help with this exercise

Hi @Juan_Manuel ,

The assertion is raised because the two input parameters passed to comparator() are not the same length, so there is problem in the code for djmodel(). If you post that section of the code in a DM to me, I will have a look for you.

I send you that section of the code:

[your code has been removed to adhere to the honour code policy]

Hi @Juan_Manuel ,

It is the step 2.d where you should apply ‘a’, one of the output from the LSTM cell to the densor, not x.

It’s worked. Great.
Thank you.