W2_A2_Ex-4_datatype error

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Hey @Deepak_Kumar_suman,
Welcome and we are glad that you could be a part of our community :partying_face: The thing to note here is how we pass in the shape to the np.zeros() method. The shape is passed as a tuple, so if you want an array of shape (dim, 1), you have to pass this as a tuple, not as individual elements. As of now, it is taking 1 as the value for the second argument, which is dtype, and hence, the error.

For more information about the same, you can check out the documentation here.

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Hey @Rashmi,
Let me know once you are done. I will remove the solution code afterwards.


Hello Deepak Kumar Suman,

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The value of b should be a float value, but 0 is an integer. Now how can you make 0, a float value, you have to think a bit.