W3_A1_Ex_5.2_"Testing Model on Planar Dataset"

Hi Sir. Thank you for your suggestion. I got the prediction test output as “All tests passed!” as shown in the figure below.
And I have restarted my kernel as you shown me above.
But, still my accuracy is same “54%” as shown in figure below. :disappointed_relieved:

I had this issue as well, since I was trying to do something fancy with an inline for-loop and assigning the values manually using if-else. That was not necessary and used one of the suggestions made in paulin’s response instead. And yes, in the code cell after that function returned [[True, False, True]] followed by “All test passed!” but the type was not compatible for consecutive code cells after that. So I had the same error as mentioned in the beginning about ‘list’ not having an attribute.

As for the accuracy, check your learning rate is what I would suggest. The output seems to have the correct 4 hidden node count.