W3_A1_nn_model_wrong output for W1

hi, i got problem while executing the Exercise 8 - nn_model. There is showing like the Wrong values for W1 in the test cases, please let me know what was the problem below screenshot?

Your cost is not decreasing, so, something is wrong with the back prop or update.
First, you have to use initialize_parameters function to initialize parameters. Then call forward_propagation, compute_cost, backward_propagation, and update_parameters functions with correct arguments.

yeah, i already checked all the functions but i cant find a solution .This is my labid ,please check once LABID: njsbdiiefdco
let me know the what is solution?

Notice that your b1 and b2 values are still zero, which happens at the initialization phase. That suggests that the “update parameters” logic is not being correctly invoked. Please check the variable names you are using when you call update_parameters and handle the return values. If your previous functions all pass the tests, then it means you are calling them incorrectly in the nn_model logic.

Also note that no-one but the course staff has the “superpower” to just look directly at your assignments using the LabID. If the mentors need to look at your code, we’ll have to use DMs for that.

But I think I’ve given you some good avenues of debugging to investigate. Figure out why your b1 and b2 values are not being updated.

Also note that it’s not our job to just hand you a solution. We will help by providing the type of hints that I provided above, but it’s your job to fix your own code. Debugging is part of the job and if you are having trouble with that, then it’s a good thing to strengthen your debugging skills as part of what we are learning here.