W3_A1_Wrong model accuracy

Hi all,
I completed my programming assigment with all test passed, but on the last cell where you compare the accuracy of the deep learning model against the logistic regression I get always 58% (instead of 90%).

My assigment passed with 88%, and the results say that I have one cell wrong: “Tests failed on 1 cell(s)! These tests could be hidden. Please check your submission.”

How can I know which cell is this?


This probably means you have “hard-coded” something in the nn_model function, but it is unfortunate that the grader can’t be more specific about which function actually has the problem. We’ve asked the course staff about this many times and apparently it is not possible to fix with the way the graders work right now.

Please check your DMs for a message from me about how we can debug this.

Hi paulinpaloalto,

This reply was already helpful and I fixed the problem. Thanks! I indeed used the wrong input for the functions inside nn_model, not the ones passed to the nn_model function, but some defined before.


That’s great news that you were able to solve the problem just with those hints. Nice work! Onward! There is plenty more interesting material ahead. :nerd_face: