I would like to raise a challenge to one of the questions in the Wk 3 quiz.
I specifically excluded this as the correct answer because of the way b[2] was presented.
It is presented as an index of the array/vector, which clearly would be wrong.
Therefore the next closest correct answer being the one I selected.
However, the system still says b[2] option is the correct answer which could only mean that the “[2]” is supposed to be superscript and not an array/vector index (which is how it’s presented on screen). Therefore a formatting error in the question is resulting in “incorrect” answers.

{quiz content removed by mentor}

Hi @Osbert_Rodrigues,

Would you mind also sharing the name of the quiz? There are four quizzes in MLS Course 1 Week 3. Thank you.


“Shallow Neural Networks”, is that that name?


You have posted this question under the “Machine Learning Specialization” category but with that name, I am able to locate the question which is actually from the Deep Learning Specialization. I will move your thread back there.

For the b[2], I think it was a typo and should be b^{[2]} instead. I will share this with the course team for their consideration.

Thank you @Osbert_Rodrigues.