W4_A1_Ex-4_Linear Activation Forward

in exercise 4 my code was able to pass 4 out of 6 test cases, can any mentor help me figure out what is wrong with my code?
thank you

Hi @FViloria ,
Please you need to provide more details. Are you talking about the assignment of Course 4, Week 1, Exercise 4? In addition, print the output of the failed test cases or any error message you are getting.

Thank you for replying, attached is my code and results, it produces the expected output but failed 2 tests, please help.

I believe is course 1 week 4 lab

need your private email we are not allowed to disclose codes

Hi @FViloria ,

The implement note for section 4.2 suggested that you just call the appropriate activation function and pass Z as its parameter. The sigmoid and relu activation functions are provided. The code for these functions can be found in the dnn_utils.py. You can access it from the the menu bar by clicking File ->open-> dnn_utils.py .

These activation functions will return A and the value for activation_cache. What you have done here is that you have assigned A to activation_cache, so your linear_activation_forward() returning A and activation_cache of the same values.

Thank you Kin, it works now