W4_A2_Ex-2_train model

Is this bad? (the values aren’t the same)

Yes, that indicates some sort of problem. Are you sure you are not hard-coding any of the parameters in L_layer_model, e.g. the learning rate passed to update_parameters?

Also please note that you are not supposed to “hand import” your functions from the previous “step by step” exercise.

Also check to make sure that you actually ran the cell that redefines layers_dims to be the 5 layer network, instead of the 2 layer network. That is a separate cell before L_layer_model. As in the other conversation, you can always do “Cell → Run All Above” to make sure the state is consistent.

hadn’t run the dims cell

Now I am experiencing some bug that won’t let me run or submit my notebook…

Edit: It now works, but for future issues, how can I fix it?

That can be just “bad weather” in the cloud. Or it can be caused by the memory footprint of your notebook being too large. The first thing to try is “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output”, “Save” and then submit again. The grader does not need to see the output generated in the notebook: it just needs to call your functions.

But if it still fails, then the next thing to try is to wait a while and then try again.