W4_A2_two_layer_model_datatype mismatch

I am encountering an error while running the two_layer_model function. I am getting an assertion error in the code and also stating that shape,etc is wrong. Also I did cheked the type of costs and it is coming as expected. SO, now i am not getting any clue where I am doing wrong.


Hello Parneet Kaur,

Welcome to the community and thank you for your question.

The cost value after the first iteration is not changing, so what could be the possible reasons? The error gives you a hint on datatype mismatch. Check the inputs that you are using for calling the function. Using a print statement below the cell could give you a better analysis on what value inputs you could have used for the variables.

Hi Rashmi,
Thanks for helping. I was able to get the tests passed. You are right, i was using wrong inputs to the backward function. Its resolved now and i have passed the assignment as well.

Glad to know that you’ve managed to resolve the issues!

Keep learning!