Want to run Lab in Jupyter Notebook in my PC not in Google Colab

I am trying to practice Ungraded Lab in my Jupyter Notebook in my PC, not in Google Colab.
And I am encountering a problem with the following lab code in " Ungraded Lab: Using more sophisticated images with Convolutional Neural Networks".

from google.colab import files

This line appears in the 14th cell and it is supposed to take care of Model Prediction.

Of course, because I am not running it from Google Colab, there is no wonder that I am encountering this problem.
I am wondering if there any way to resolve this issue so that I can run the lab codes in my PC, not in Google Colab.
I would appreciate it if anyone can give me some advice.
Best regards,

Since you are running code locally, please specify full path to files as an array and run prediction instead of paths starting with /content/

Thanks @balaji.ambresh ,
I got the general idea. But I still need to know where I can find the path of those files.
I guess this is a very basic knowledge. But unfortunately I have no clue re whereabout.
If you could further give me your instruction I would appreciate it.

Here’s an example:

import numpy as np
from keras.preprocessing import image

# Fix this with paths to your images
paths = [
for path in paths:
  # predicting images
  img=image.image_utils.load_img(path, target_size=(150, 150))
  x /= 255
  x=np.expand_dims(x, axis=0)
  classes = model.predict(x, batch_size=10)
  if classes[0]>0.5:
    print(path + " is a dog")
    print(path + " is a cat")

Thanks @balaji.ambresh
As always, you are very responsive.
I appreciate it.
That said, my question is about whereabout of the source path.
I do not know how to find the source path.
The code that you sent me gives me a great idea about how to extract info from a known source.
Now, I am lost in terms of whereabout of the source.
Should I go back to Github notebook?
Thank in advance.
Best regards,

Souce path refers to the full path of an image in your laptop / desktop.
Since you are using the model from the notebook, please use the notebook.