Web interface to deploy

Hi, I would like to know if anyone has any resources or examples available to try what we learn and integrate it with the web. I would appreciate it if anyone could guide me on how to do it and actually use what we learned.


I will give you a 10000 foot view of one way to integrate this with a web page:

  1. Create an API for your python class/function(s). For this you can consider using FastAPI or Flask, among other frameworks that are available. This in itself will be a great learning exercise.

  2. Once you have exposed your functions to the world via your API, create the calls from your web application. Lets say you are using javascript. In this case, create the js function that calls the API, passing the required parameters, and receiving the payload from the called endpoint.

  3. Present the results in your html.

This is a very very global overview. To start nailing it down to actions, first work on your API and its integration to your python script.

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Thank you so much Juan, I will work on the points you have highlighted. If I get stuck or need some resources, I will hit you up again!