Web server for chrome not supported anymore

I think the web server for chrome is not supported anymore, is there any good alternative ?

Hello Abhishek,

This post might help you

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I guess you got me wrong I am talking about web server for chrome to easily uploading file

is this for week 1 assignment or week 2.

If you have issue about web server for chrome issue, then read the whole comment about how to use?

Uploading file of assignment from bracket to chrome browser to check whether your codes are correct right?


Hey @Abhishek_Dhaka,

Do you mean uploading submission file (model weights) to the grader?

Something I thought was useful was using VS Code and installing the ‘Live Server’ plugin. Something to note for lab 2 is that on line 6 in C1_W1_Lab_2_iris_classifier.html, the code should be const csvUrl = './data/iris.csv'; instead of const csvUrl = '/data/iris.csv';

The small difference is the . before the first / in the path to the iris.csv. I hope this helps!

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for the web server only, now the chrome version is not compatible, so you need to use the other way around which is mentioned in the comment if your read the complete comment thread.