Week 1 - A question in the quiz

Hi everyone, can you help me to understand this question? I said C is true but it is not. What is the answer and the reason? Week 1 Question 5 in Quiz

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It tells you do not use them because they add noise.

The thing is that if you are a using a specific camera to make detections those images coming from any other source are pretty much useless, because you will be using that camera to make predictions and these images do not help in improving your model, on the contrary they make it worse!

So, is the answer D?

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Well what do you think? :smiley:


I think D :smiley:


And there’s one good way to find out: take the quiz again. Although unfortunately you can’t guarantee that you get the same exact questions each time: there is a selection of questions and they are randomly selected each time you take one of the quizzes.