Week 1 Assignment 1 conv_forward vert_start and vert_end

I can not understand how to solve vert_start and vert_end, I have a problem in indexing where it allways go out of bound and even if I got some values correctly they are not integers.
I did the for loop on the output layer but I could not how to use h, W, f and s.

I only used h and s for the indexing, I did not understand why should I use W.

my vert_start output is similar to this: [0. 0. 0. 0.].

If you search the forum for “conv_forward”, you’ll find a lot of posts on this topic.

I found this thread by searching for “conv_forward”. It has some significant hints.

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Sorry, I do not understand this question.

sorry ignore my previous question
i think my problem is that I could not find the correct shape of vert_start even when I applied s, h, f correctly

thak you so much I was able to solve it