Week 1 Assignment 1 Course 2 - HE initialization

What are the cases in which HE initialization doesn’t work?

I am asking this question, as when I tried to apply HE initialization in the cat classification problem of course 1 week 4 assignment 2, it gave me the accuracy of 65% on training data and 34% on the test set. This comes after training for 10K iterations.

Thank you!

Hi, @Saransh_Jhunjhunwala.

I don’t know if there’s a simple answer to that question, but it usually works well with ReLU activations.

Bear in mind that it could be an implementation issue.

Have fun experimenting :slight_smile:

@Saransh_Jhunjhunwala’s implementation was correct, he was just unlucky. The random seed set in the notebook resulted in particularly poor convergence :sweat_smile: