Week 1: assignment 1: exercise 3

need help

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

That is not the correct syntax for invoking np.zeros: it takes a single argument which is a python “tuple” of integers giving the dimensions.

Also note that once you get the syntax figured out, that is also not the correct shape of Z. What happened to the “samples” dimension?

Yeahh thank you. I realized I was missing some brackets. but now I’m getting another error. an issue with this section “Create A_prev_pad by padding A_prev”
I got the error: NameError: zero_pad not defined

Have you run the cell that defines zero_pad? Did it throw any errors? Just having the code sitting there does nothing, right? You need to actually run the cell in order to get the function incorporated into the runtime image.

This is nothing new, right? It worked this way in Course 1 and Course 2 as well.