[Week 1] Assignment 1 Final exercise (Ex. 8) lstm_backward function, partially wrong expected output

I got wrong values at the first 3 expected outputs, but still correct for the the rest of outputs. I have checked my code thoroughly but cannot find any error yet. Basically, my code for this exercise is nearly the same with the previous rnn_backward function. Btw, my code for the lstm_cell_backward is correct.

Is this possible if any mentor can check if my code is wrong?

Hi zuiiuz,

Sorry for the late response. Is this still an issue or did you solve it already?



I have a similar problem, first 3 outputs are wrong then all rest are correct.
It seems we only have dWf available but equations 19 and 21 suggests to use Wf

specifically da_prev and dxt are producing the wrong results (first 2)

Any suggestion on solving this issue? @uchejustin

I think the forget gate also producing the wrong result?

I also got the same problem, can it be fixed?