Week 1, Assignment 1, UNQ_C1

my “solution” for rnn_cell_forward() passes the test, although the result for yt_pred[1] seems to be clearly wrong, given what is written below the unit test. This test passes, the test for rnn_forward() does not pass because of a y_pred error. Could you please verify whether my solution for yt_pred given above is indeed wrong (although the unit test says ok), so that I know where I have to look for the error. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi @Uwe_Z ,

The test cases are there to give some confidence of your code, it is not the full test.
The problem with your yt_pred[1] looks like you have not followed the formula in the implementation notes. So check your code follows the formula provided.

Hello Kic, thank you very much for your help! I found the error in the first function, now also the second test passes. Thank you again!