Week 1 Assignment 3 - Exercise Grad_Check_n


I have finished everything for this assignment but when I run the last cell i get an error that says:

NameError Traceback (most recent call last)
----> 1 X, Y, parameters = gradient_check_n_test_case()
3 cost, cache = forward_propagation_n(X, Y, parameters)
4 gradients = backward_propagation_n(X, Y, cache)
5 difference = gradient_check_n(parameters, gradients, X, Y, 1e-7, True)

NameError: name ‘gradient_check_n_test_case’ is not defined

I cannot change the name of this function as it is the preset codes Coursera provides. It is the only thing not allowing me to pass this assignment I think, so if anyone has run into this problem before any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Most likely that just means you have not run the previous cells in the notebook since the last time you closed and opened it or did a “Kernel → Restart”. Try doing “Cell → Run All Above” and then run that cell again.