[Week 1] Assignment 3 Jazz with LSTM - identical indices


I have passed all tests for this assignment, however, I noticed that for the following line of code in cell [98],

results, indices = predict_and_sample( ... (arguments omitted) )

I am getting identical output indices:

np.argmax(results[12]) = 63
np.argmax(results[17]) = 63
list(indices[12:18]) = [array([63]), array([63]), array([63]), array([63]), array([63]), array([63])]

The expected output text says they should not be identical. Any idea where I might have made a mistake? Many thanks.

Hu @yhy18,

Try printing pred to see what values it contains.
Your trained model has learned that each music note is unique, so checking the pred would give us some lead to find the problem.