Week 1 Jazz Assignment Error

After running the summary(model) cell, I get the following error:
“AttributeError: The layer “lstm_2” has multiple inbound nodes, with different output shapes. Hence the notion of “output shape” is ill-defined for the layer. Use get_output_shape_at(node_index) instead.”

However, running the model.summary() cell below gives me the summary with no error and the right parameter values. How do I solve this?

Please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

I recommend you search the forum for the phrase “multiple inbound nodes”. There are several threads that discuss this issue.

Thanks for the notebook.
X is of shape (m, T_x, 90). Inside the for loop, the bug is in assignment x = X[t,:]. Please fix and confirm once it works.

@Staticvoid Thanks for confirming.