Week 1, jazz assignment


The notebook explains:

**Initialize hidden state and cell state**

Finally, let's initialize `a0` and `c0` for the LSTM's initial state to be zero.

and then in a code cell assign this:

m = 60
a0 = np.zeros((m, n_a))
c0 = np.zeros((m, n_a))

Why m=60 is needed? where is used? thanks. Felipe.

Well, obviously ‘m’ is used to set the size of a0 and c0, which are used in the “model.fit()” function in the next cell.

And “n_a” was set in Section 2 earlier in the notebook. It is a design parameter (the size of the hidden state).

Section 1.1 says that ‘m’ is the number of examples. It is the first dimension of the training set “X”.

Technically, they could have set the ‘m’ value based on the size of X, but instead they forced a constant value. I’m not sure why.