Week 1 LAB 3 Gradient Checking

Hello ,

Working on LAB 3 , the gradient checking . There i get an error in the Gradient_Check_n : When applying : theta_minus = np.copy(parameter_values) , i get a message : " SyntaxError: invalid syntax " on the s of theta_minus.

But it is the same as for theta_plus and the assigment was also to do the same for theta_minus as for theta_plus . Annyone has suggestions where this error is for ?

Thanks in advance

When you get a syntax error that you can’t find in python, it usually means you are just looking in the wrong place. :nerd_face: The mistake is probably a missing close parenthesis on the previous line. Or some other form of incomplete syntax.

The notebook editor is syntax aware, so you can use it to check for matching parens and brackets. Just click on a paren and it will highlight the matching one. Or not :scream_cat:

Yes, i saw them . Thank you.