Week 1 Programming Assignment: Regularization Exercise 3


I am working on the exercise here and I can not determine what is wrong with the code. The errors I am getting are not quite explanatory. Did anyone else get something like this or know what the problem might be? Also the problem says that A3 should be dimension (1,1). but the shape of the parameters W1,W2,W3,b1,b2,b3, and X. do not exactly allow for this (and they are not supplied by me).
W1 has shape (2,3) X has shape (3,5) and b1 has shape (2,1) giving A1 shape (2,5)
W2 has shape (3,2) A1 has shape (2,5) and b2 has shape (3,1) giving A2 shape (3,5)
W3 has shape (1,3) A2 has shape (3,5) and b3 has shape (1,1) giving A3 shape (1,5) which is not (1,1). but I dont have control over that.

Hey @kdbassjr , as the error suggests, make sure you are not using any global variables or passing in any hard coded values.

Fixed. This was the problem.

Good luck with the rest of the course, @kdbassjr.