Week 2 : Assignment - Optimization Methods

It is having the same issue as W3 is not been invoking. Lab ID: vyuyylry

Can anyone please help me out?

Is there anyone to help me out please?

I would imagine you can reach out to Coursera help.

Hi @Anitya_Gupta,

I want to apologise for the late help on this. The reason you weren’t able to hear from anyone regarding this was because you had asked a DLS related question in the NLP specialisation.

I have moved your post in the DLS category. In the future, make sure you are asking your questions in the appropriate category, so that the right people can help you with it.



as for your notebook, (thank you for sharing the lab ID!), you are having a mistake in Ex 1. You are passing the incorrect index value in your string. It has to be one less than what you are passing. An appropriate comment has been left in your notebook.

Happy learning,

can you post the fix here? I am having the same problem!