Week 2 Exercise 7 Prediction Assertion error

My error: No idea where I am going wrong. All above tests looks ok.
Need help.

predictions = [[1. 0. 0.]]

AssertionError Traceback (most recent call last)
4 print ("predictions = " + str(predict(w, b, X)))
----> 6 predict_test(predict)

~/work/release/W2A2/public_tests.py in predict_test(target)
100 assert pred.shape == (1, X.shape[1]), f"Wrong shape for pred. {pred.shape} != {(1, X.shape[1])}"
101 assert np.bitwise_not(np.allclose(pred, [[1., 1., 1]])), f"Perhaps you forget to add b in the calculation of A"
→ 102 assert np.allclose(pred, [[1., 0., 1]]), f"Wrong values for pred. {pred} != {[[1., 0., 1.]]}"
104 print(‘\033[92mAll tests passed!’)

AssertionError: Wrong values for pred. [[1. 0. 0.]] != [[1.0, 0.0, 1.0]]

Please remember to compute the sigmoid of w^{T} \cdot X + b since we’re dealing with logistic regression.

Code Deleted

Congrats on solving the exercise.

Posting code in a public topic is discouraged and can get your account suspended. It’s okay to share stacktrace on a public post and send code to a mentor via direct message. Please clean up your previous reply.

Hi Ambresh,

I will send code directly to Mentor.
Thanks for notifying me.

Rupesh Kumar

Thanks for removing your code.

If there are still problems with the exercise, please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

return Y_prediction is not properly indented. As a result, the prediction will be returned after the 1st entry gets filled. Please fix this.