Week 2 exercise 8 Wrong values for d['w']

Hi! I have passed all the tests before this exercise and now I can’t go further: I got message: “AssertionError: Wrong values for d[‘w’].” when I want to run the model and the cost after first iteration is: 0.693147. The next cell shows that train accuracy is 68.42% and test accuracy 34%. No idea where is the mistake since in model function I use the functions that were already tested to work correctly.
Thanks in advance for any help,

Hi @Lalka

Make sure the model() function is passing the correct ‘named’ parameters when making call to other functions. So that the correct values are used, not hard-coded values.

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Hello @Lalka ,
As @Kic mentioned, you should take ‘w’ from params.

Wow, what a quick answer. Naming variables did help. Thank you very much, it is working now :slight_smile: