Week 2 Operations on Word Vectors - Debiasing Autograder

So I’m a little confused by the autograder output here. I was able to run all cells and pass unit tests, but the autograder says:
Cell #5. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: TypeError("‘int’ object is not subscriptable",)

Passing all the unit tests does not mean your code is perfect.

Or, you need to restart the kernel and run all the cells again. It’s difficult to tell what keeps the grader happy.

Hm I’m not really sure what’s wrong. I tried doing what you suggested but does not seem to work.

The other thing is that exercise 4 is an optional assignment so I am confused as to why this could hold back the grading.

@TMosh Is this referring to def equalize(pair, bias_axis, word_to_vec_map)

Why would this hold things up?

If your code makes the grader crash when it runs your notebook, it doesn’t matter if an assignment is optional.

Also, regarding “Cell #5”: You can’t really trust how the grader numbers the cells, unless you restart the kernel and clear all the output, then run all the cells before you submit. That might (or might not) get the cell numbers synced-up.


Be sure that if you add any cells to the notebook, that you include this comment as the first line of the cell. It tells the grader to ignore the added cell.


The grader gets confused easily if there are cells in the notebook that it did not expect.