Week 2 practice lab: Linear regression UNQ_C1

Comment line with index: UNQ_C1 wasn’t found in code
i am getting this. but my code works and gives value of cost function please can someone help

It seems that you have accidentally removed the tag name UNQ_C1.

Please retrieve a clean copy of the assignment.

But i don’t know how to do that please could you elaborate

Check this out.

It is not working can you help aslkupuorwxq is my lab id


Mentors can’t access your workspace.

Here is an example of what’s going on:


There are two commented lines at the beginning for each graded cell on which the autograder relies to locate your work. Those two lines are provided and we should not edit them. Please make sure they look like my example for your exercises’ cells.

If you are unsure which cell should be called UNQ_C1, then I would suggest you to get a fresh copy of the assignment notebook by following these instructions. The steps there will ask you to rename your current notebook before the system is able to make a new copy for you. Then you might copy your work from your current notebook to the new copy. Remember that, in the new copy, only make changes in between ### START CODE HERE ### and ### END CODE HERE ### , and never change the two commented lines.

If you have questions other than then UNQ_C1 problem, please open a new thread.