Week 2 - Programming Assignment (Exercise 8)

Hi there, I’m trying to initialize w and b with zeros, however, I’m not sure what value of dim to use. If you have any hints that would be great.

The appropriate value of dim is passed in as an argument to the initialize_with_zeros, isn’t it? You can just use the value that is given to you. In the cases that you are calling the initialize function, you just use the number of features of the input X values.

In this case, there are 2 parameters of X_train. Does this mean dim=2?

I keep getting this error:

Never mind, I figured it out! Thank you for your help though!

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Great! That’s good to hear that you solved it under your own power. I’m gonna guess the problem was referencing a global variable instead of the actual parameters, which is the most common cause of that type of error.

Well, yes, but the better way to think of it is that it means dim should be whatever the first dimension of X_train is, right?