Week 2: Transfer_learning_with_MobileNet_v1


I’m pretty confused about our assignment this week. Could someone please verify that I have the right understanding? Thank you!

Exercise 2 Alpaca Model

Am I right in assuming that we are first augmenting and preprocessing our images, then we’re putting it through the base_model without the ‘top’ and then putting it through an extra block that we’ve added [global avg pool, dropout, and dense] and these layers are the layers we are training when we call model2.fit()?

Exercise 3

The assignment identified the base_model as model2.layers[4]. How do you identify the base_model? Do you simply look for <tensorflow.python.keras.engine.functional.Functional at 0x7f5168231990>?

Hi ajpark07,

Do you still have doubts or did you solve them already?

Let me know.