Week 3 assignment 1 yolo_eval

lozzusmi - this is my lab id

I have been able to execute all the functions correctly but have been getting an error in the yolo_eval function.
InvalidArgumentError: Incompatible shapes: [19,19,5,4] vs. [19,19,5,80] [Op:Mul]

I am not sure where the error stems from because all the tests passed for the previous functions.


Try it and let us know what you find

Thank you for letting me know. I tried it but the error changed to this now.
InvalidArgumentError: Incompatible shapes: [19,19,5,2] vs. [19,19,5,80] [Op:Mul]

Please post a screen capture image that shows the entire error output - not just that specific single line message.

Perhaps one of the parameters you are passing to yolo_filter_boxes(…) is not correct.

This looks like box_confidence has (19,19,5,2) shape.
With looking at others, the most possible case is a failure in unpacking yolo_outputs, which conisists of 4 tensors.
Please double check the order of tensors to retrieve from yolo_outputs at the first line of your assignment.

box_xy: tensor of shape (None, 19, 19, 5, 2)
box_wh: tensor of shape (None, 19, 19, 5, 2)
box_confidence: tensor of shape (None, 19, 19, 5, 1)
box_class_probs: tensor of shape (None, 19, 19, 5, 80)

Yes I understood my error. You are right. Thank you so much for your help and time!