Week 3 - Assignment 2

Hi guys,

I have a design question for this assignment.
How can we (the students) get to a point where we design the NN ourselves?

I am referring specifically to building the model in this exercise in section 2.1.

It is all good implementing it (very straight forward) but coming up with the design is the key. For example, why the CNN layer before the GRU. How did we “know/guess” this?

What is the thought process that led to choosing a CNN? I understand it says “extract the features”, but any assistance into the insights of the NN design selection of this CNN layer would be appreciated.


The answer is simply one word: Experimentation.

It has to start somewhere rather than “guess work”.

I am sure whoever designed it had some initial thoughts as to what would likely work and what would not.

Pure Experimentation points to not a good place.

Starting point is the simplest model. Then play with hyperparameters according to the result.