Week 3 exercise 2 doesnot match the input value

Hi, i am getting error in test following:
est failed
Expected value

[‘Conv2DTranspose’, (None, 12, 16, 256), 1179904]

does not match the input value:

[‘Conv2DTranspose’, (None, 12, 16, 32), 147488]

I think I have used the correct filters for each block:

cblock2 = conv_block(cblock1[0], n_filters*2)
cblock3 = conv_block(cblock2[0], n_filters*4)
cblock4 = conv_block(cblock3[0], n_filters*8, dropout_prob=0.3) 
cblock5 = conv_block(cblock4[0], n_filters*16, dropout_prob=0.3, max_pooling=False) 

ublock6 = upsampling_block(cblock5[0], cblock4[1],  n_filters * 8)
ublock7 = upsampling_block(ublock6, cblock3[1],  n_filters * 4)
ublock8 = upsampling_block(ublock7, cblock2[1], n_filters * 2)
ublock9 = upsampling_block(ublock8, cblock1[1],  n_filters)

conv10 = Conv2D(n_classes,1, padding=‘same’)(conv9)

Thank you much for the help.

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I don’t see any obvious problem with your code. I don’t have any other suggestions.

How did you solve this?

This post is two years old. Please start a new one and share your full error there.