Week 3 final assignment error

Im stuck with exercise 3 and 6 of last programming assignment of the Course Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification.I have uploaded the sceenshots of the same.Can anyone tell where ive gone wrong.

Remove your code screenshot and post the screenshot of the error you have got

yes. I have updated it.

Hello Suman,

Thank you, Kindly refrain from posting any of the codes from grader cell in future, it is against community guidelines.

Your compute_gradient grader cell has two error codes (basically it is error in the implementation

f_wb code is incorrect.

Apply the below equation to your code

  1. second error the below code template was like this but to this you added one more code line by using the hint. you need to write this code in a single line.
    for j in range(n):
    dj_dw[j] =