Week 3 Logistic Regression, Exercise 3

Hi - the last part of exercise 3 is tripping me up, and I can’t figure out where things are going wrong. The values at initial w are matching. Appreciate any help.

I suggest you to follow this debugging guide.

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Ok thanks, if there is a clue you can offer me that would help me get started.

The error message says your function doesn’t calculate the answer correctly, so printing out the intermediate variables is a way for you to discover which variable doesn’t work as expected.

Debugging is a process to discover what goes wrong. Please make the best of the debugging steps and the description of the exercise to complete your assignment.

Hi, I am getting the same issue. I don’t understand your explanation, that part of the lab is just computing and displaying the cost with a non zero w, no coding is needed by the learner for that code block. All the code blocks before that passed the tests or the output values matched the expected values so what is going wrong here. If there was an issue with the previous code blocks or this code block needs a variable that is missing in a previous code block then surely the previous code blocks should give us an error. I have been looking at this for a couple of hours and not really getting anywhere.

This is the ideal case. However, tests are not perfect.

Please open a topic of your own, and post the full error traceback of the error that you are encountering in the new topic. I am closing this one.

Thank you.