Week 3 planar data classification assignment problem

Hi there, I got a problem and cannot solve it by myself for a longtime.
This error occurs in nn_model_test(nn_model) (screenshot 1) to say my values of W1 and Cost after iteration are incorrect

But all step above the Exercise 8: nn_model are all correct and all tests passed. (screenshot 2)

I cannot figure out where are wrong and please help me. Appreciate a lot!

(My code in important and complex steps):

{moderator edit: code removed}

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First, please do not post your code on the forum. That is not allowed by the Code of Conduct.
If a mentor needs to see your code, we’ll contact you with instructions.
I will edit your message to remove the code.

Hint: You have neglected to save the return value from backward_propagation().

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Thanks for your hint! Just noticed a carelessness I had made.