Week 3 - programming assignement - layers sizes?

Hi all,

I am banging my head trying to understand why the input and output layers are supposed to be of size 5 and 2.

From what I understand, every training example has only 2 features, which are their position x and y on the graph, and a single number is necessary for the output, which is 1 if the dot is blue and 0 if it is red.

Why then do I need 5 input layers and 2 output layers? It doesn’t quite make sense. Shouldn’t it simply be 2 and 1?

Hi @gwizdo51 are you still facing problems, if yes in which excercise of which notebook?

same problem here. It’s exercise 2, layer sizes from planar data classification

Hi, any updates? I’m a bit confused by this. Thank you in advance

Ok I get it now… We are supposed to use X and Y, which are in no way related to our training dataset. This assignment is just a test to see if you understood the shape concept.